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Mapping the Geography of Singlehood in San Francisco

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Last month we marveled at the sometimes stark gender divides that show up in maps of singlehood across the United States, in which—from the 10,000-foot view, at least—single men tend to dominate on the West Coast and all the single ladies put their hands up in the east. Now, it turns out that some of the same gender divides that show up among US singletons are also present when you zoom in on the neighborhood level, according to an interactive map from the folks at Visualizing NYC. In the 25-34 age range, unattached women and men are pretty evenly matched in Russian Hill, Nob Hill, and Downtown. SoMa, Castro, Mission Dolores, and Eureka Valley swing definitively male, with about 40 percent more single men than single women. Pac Heights, Cow Hollow, and the Marina are just slightly pink tinged, favoring single ladies by about 5 percent.

Like the nationwide version, these maps pull from Census data, so they share the same set of assumptions—namely, that singles are looking for opposite-sex mates, or looking for mates at all. (And "single" is defined as unmarried, regardless of longterm attachment, a rigid definition favored both by bureaucrats and the nation's grandmothers.)

On the neighborhood level, the gender imbalance among singletons changes depending on which age group you're looking at. As happened with the nationwide data, populations get more female as they get older. But single men of all ages maintain their stronghold around Market Street and along BART, making that N-Judah Missed Connections service perhaps not the most apropos. Then again, do we really need a map to tell us about all the men living in SoMa and the Castro? What a shocking revelation, as SFist points out.

There's a full-size map this way, complete with a fun-slash-depressing slider doohickey that lets you watch the mating pool change by age and neighborhood.

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