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Pac Heights' Most Underwhelming Mansion Lists for $10.95M

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When a house lists above $10 million, we usually expect a princely turret or two, some Ken Fulk pixie dust, or maybe some mild-mannered Italianate glory served up with a Tesla charging station. Even for new construction, we'd at least like to be presented with the architectural equivalent of an iPad. So when the newly built five-bedroom, seven-bath home at 2342 Washington made its debut with a list price of $10.95 million, we were a bit startled to see its plain beige mug gawping back at us. Of course, the property has an admirable, erm, quantity of space, a gleaming white kitchen, and a shiny living room that opens out onto a deck ideally sized for the … white sectional sofa of your dreams. The facade looks more like one of the midcentury ugly ducklings hanging off a hillside in Diamond Heights than a sensible place to park a small fortune.

But, space being at a premium, even and especially at the top, this place went into contract almost immediately. The listing doesn't give square footage, so there's no price per square to assess, but it's certainly not hard to blow past the $5 million and $10 million marks for new single-family construction in Pac Heights. Still, even when circumstances make the numbers add up, it's hard to swallow a price like that—this whole scenario has a whiff of the $12 airport sandwich about it. We just hope the likely buyers are getting something they truly want. Which is quite possible, really, given the swankfests in vogue on the flipping circuit.

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