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Dolores Heights Flip Quadruples Price After 5-Year Makeover

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The location of 4085 20th Street has always been fantastic. It sits atop Dolores Heights and boasts views out across the hills of the city to Twin Peaks. However, the house itself used to be a bit shabby. The boxy three-bedroom sold for $1.05 million back in 2010, and by 2011 it was on its way to being completely rebuilt. The overhaul didn't wrap up until late last year, when the home re-emerged as a glossy, white—albeit still boxy—modern house. It is now back up on the market asking $4.995 million, well more than four times its previous price.

The new design is open and pared down, with windows and skylights everywhere. The master suite has a see-through fireplace that can be seen both in the main bedroom and the adjoining sitting room, and a private guest wing has its own second family room. The home resembles many of the other very high-end flips that are popping up around Noe and Eureka valleys, but it is certainly is an improvement over what was there before.

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