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Brilliant iPhone 6 Parody Ads Send Up Apple Billboards with Realism, Awkward Selfies

Apple generated lots of buzz when it debuted an iPhone 6 ad campaign featuring photos from amateur photographers doing their best imitation of screensaver photography. Now that inspirational campaign, along with its very selective use of crowdsourcing, is getting a tweak from Bay Area residents Pablo Rochat and Fabio Benedetto, a pair of ad-industry creatives. Instead of pictures of butterflies and dew, the duo's iPhone 6-style ads depict awkward selfies you might wish you could unsee.

One image looks like it was posted in a BART station—has anyone seen it?—but all are collected on the Tumblr Also Shot on iPhone 6. Benedetto and Rochat wanted to offer a corrective to Apple's spotless campaign, as Benedetto told Buzzfeed: "Our thought was that people don't always take pretty pictures on their phones, so we thought it would be funny to show the other, non-beautiful photos people take," he says.

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