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Behold This Awesome Dress Made from 192 BART Farecards

Finally someone has found a use for old BART tickets. Oakland fashion designer Sean Porter spent three years collecting 192 BART cards with pointless amounts of money left on them and, in October, began sewing them together in a silhouette inspired by the Transamerica Pyramid. He finished sewing in December, and now the dress is on view in the window of Piedmont Fabrics in Oakland. As with all couture, we have to wonder at its practicality.

Dos include standing perfectly still and, if possible, posing next to this Muni cake. Donts: attempting card refills, swiping, sitting. Bonus: wearing this on a crowded car will pretty much guarantee you some breathing room, like a more artful (and definitely more attractive!) answer to manspreading.

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