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Formerly Garish Marina Home Gets a Makeunder, Asks $3.595M

The four-bedroom home at 75 Rico Way in the Marina has had a very interesting journey on and off the market over the past few years. It sold in August 2013 for $3.15 million, only to reappear 10 months later with a very electric new paint job and $650,000 added to its price. Unsurprisingly, buyers were not enticed by the coats of bright orange, green, yellow, and turquoise paint, and it delisted and relisted without selling for a few months. It seems as if the sellers have now gotten the message that a tangerine living room does not equal a big sale, so the home has been repainted yet again in more neutral colors and is back on the market asking $3.595 million, a bit lower than last year's $3.8 million.
The house is now a lovely, normal family home about a block from Marina Green. The square footage has also increased on paper since last year thanks to the inclusion of a lower-level addition missing from the original tax records. Many of home's windows look out onto the very green backyard, and the interiors mix modern touches well with the Mediterranean heritage. It is still unclear what the current owners were trying to do with all of that paint last year, but we imagine that they will have much less trouble selling this time around.

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