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Photo-Stalking the Rincon Hill Construction Bonanza

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Over in Rincon Hill, there seem to be more cranes in the sky than there are people on the street. So as not to lose track of the vast changes sweeping the area, we check up on the neighborhood's plethora of rising towers periodically. We recently stopped by to ogle the sites of several developments going up, from Jasper and the Solaire to 340 and 399 Fremont and, of course, Lumina. All photos were taken on March 19, 2015.

↑ Crescent Heights' Jasper, formerly known as 45 Lansing, is topped out and nearly fully clad. The 40-story building, which sits almost at the crest of Rincon Hill, makes a serious impact on the skyline. When complete, the HKS-designed property will offer 320 units, 265 parking spaces, and a plethora of luxury amenities.

↑ Foundation work for Handel Architects' 340 Fremont got held up for a while by permitting delays, but the tower is now above ground and rising quickly. The 40-story, 348-unit building will be finished in 2017.

The Solaire, also known as Transbay Block 6, has reached its final height. Curiously, not a single pane of glass or piece of exterior cladding had been installed as of our visit late last week. The 32-story, Solomon Cordwell Buenz-designed development will feature 402 market-rate apartments, 9 market-rate townhomes, and 70 affordable units.

↑ Construction continues to move swiftly at 399 Fremont. The tower's core is now topped out; slabs and steel will continue to go in over the next few months, and glass is currently being installed on the building's lower floors. The project is the work of Solomon Cordwell Buenz, and rises 42 stories above Harrison and Fremont streets. The building will offer a grand total of 447 rentals (with no affordable units on-site). Move-ins will begin in early 2016.

↑ Construction on Tishman Speyer's Lumina has progressed steadily since our last update. Both towers of the 656-unit development are now topped out. The mid-rise portion of project is also fully clad, with glass rising quickly on its adjoining towers. Assuming construction continues to move along smoothly, Lumina, along with its $49 million penthouse and answer to the Twitter building's fancy food market, will open in 2016. · Mapping Big Changes for Rincon Hill and the Transbay Area [Curbed SF]
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the lansing

45 Lansing Street, San Francisco, CA

The Lumina

, San Francisco, CA 94105