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Is SF's Most Expensive One-Bedroom Also One of Its Ugliest?

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A one-bedroom, two-bathroom condo at the Millennium just hit the market yesterday asking $2.65 million, officially making it the most expensive one-bedroom currently on the market. It tops the $2.495 million one-bed offered at Russian Hill's Comstock that listed just a few weeks ago. And although the unit is huge for a one-bedroom at 1,633 square feet, it's also rather, well, ugly. The entire condo is dark and heavy, with clashing patterns, mirrored walls, and a design that minimizes any loveliness that might be borrowed off the floor-to-ceiling windows. There are odd red curtains surrounding the entertainment center, and the bathroom has a bit too much wallpaper.

Of course, the Millennium is a super-luxury building and regularly features very, very expensive one-bedroom listings. Back in December, unit #406 hit the market asking $2.35 million and nearly hit that price, bringing in $2.325 million. However, it's not cheap to live at the Millennium even after paying for a condo there. HOA dues for the unit that just hit the market are a whopping $1,937 per month, and the one valet parking spot that comes with the unit costs another $190 per month.

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