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Funky Lower Haight TIC with Red Velvet Cupola Wants $2.495M

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The Lower Haight TIC that just went up for sale asking $2.495 million is unusual in many ways. It's at the top of an old Victorian built around the turn of the last century and, at 3,808 square feet, is bigger than many single-family homes. There are four bedrooms and three bathrooms, plus some very interesting decorating choices. The design of the main floor is open and attractive, but the kitchen is a bit strange, with lilac flowers painted across one section of wall. There's an even odder bathroom on that level with black walls, a chandelier, and a soaking tub situated right in front of a big bay window.

The rest of the house isn't any simpler. There is wallpaper emblazoned with cherries in one bedroom, plus another wild bathroom featuring walls patterned with what look like whale's tails of many different shades. The "bonus cupola," which the brokerbabble suggests could be used as a fifth bedroom, is painted bright rose-pink and draped in magenta-red velvet curtains.

On top of the decorating choices, there is the home's layout, which is different than that of most other San Francisco properties. The space is spread out over two sprawling floors, and the top floor is an A-frame shape that also manages to have fairly high ceilings in its main room. There are two balconies and a two-car garage, making the place feel even more like a home. However, it shares its big structure with two other units and is subject to HOA fees of $700 per month.

· 591 Waller Street [Redfin]