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See San Francisco Glow in the Dark From 7,200 Feet in the Air

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Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet has been inspired by San Francisco since his first trip to the city as a child. He returned last month and took to the skies over the city at night to photograph the street grids, the buildings of downtown, and, of course, the bridges in all of their sparkling nighttime glory. He was even able to capture rolling tendrils of fog pouring across the western end of town from the ocean. The photos are part of Laforet's "Air" series, which has also covered New York City.

As Laforet writes in an account on the visual storytelling app Storehouse, his goal in aerial photography is to "feel a city's pulse from above."

"This is such a truly linear city on the one hand—and yet completely almost schizophrenic on another level," writes Laforet, whose book of "Air" series photos is now available for pre-order. "Some city planners clearly had a wicked sense of humour when they clashed the two grids near Market Street."

"The overwhelming feeling I get when I fly over San Francisco is that of peace and order," adds Laforet. "It feels like every little piece of the puzzle has somehow found its place in what is an absolutely chaotic topography."

Also: Storehouse asked us to share that they are soliciting stories about San Francisco in exchange for a chance to win a signed print from Laforet.

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