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The Mission's Most Affordable Two-Bed Condo Asks Just $495K

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Tucked inside a little house with a tidy exterior on Alabama Street sits one of the most affordable condos in the Mission. The two-bedroom unit is asking just $495,000, a practically unheard-of price in one of the city's most popular neighborhoods. The condo is pretty tiny, but it is also quite nice. The bright red front door opens into a narrow living space and an equally compact kitchen with maple cabinets and stainless steel appliances. The unit has been laid out well, and there even manages to be a somewhat decent amount of counter space. A skylight above lets in plenty of natural light.

One bedroom looks to be a fairly decent size, while the other is tiny. However, the small second bedroom does open onto a private patio out back that is just big enough for a small table and two chairs. Another larger courtyard is shared between the building's three units. There is, of course, no parking, but street parking isn't an impossibility in this part of the Mission, and there's always BART.

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