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Bizarro Glen Park Victorian Brightly Asks for $1.8M

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San Francisco is known for its brightly colored houses, but the four-bedroom home at 22 Harper Street that just went up for sale for $1.8 million is one of the most multihued that we've ever seen, both inside and out. The fun begins with the bright blue facade trimmed in yellow and red. Although the paint job would seem wild in most places, it's just past the edge of normal here. However, inside it gets wilder. There are two electric blue bedrooms, an upstairs bedroom painted both pale purple and yellow, and a mottled combination of cantaloupe and pastel blue paint in the kitchen.

The paint is not the craziest thing about the house. In the living room (which has at least three colors on its walls), a hanging light fixture that resembles some sort of alien jellyfish takes over the room. Another fixture in the dining room, where we think the ceiling may be silver, stretches out tentacles in every direction. There is apparently a legal one-bedroom unit on the lower level, but it is not currently livable. The brokerbabble makes no mention of the bizarre decor, instead emphasizing the location near Noe Valley and Glen Park and the views.

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