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$30M Pacific Heights Penthouse to Set New San Francisco Condo Sale Record

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Pacific Heights' 2006 Washington has been called the best building in San Francisco, a claim that gains credibility with the record-setting (yet very quiet) impending sale of the penthouse unit that takes up the entire 10th floor. A source close to the sale confirms that the condo is in contract for $30 million, which would make it both the most expensive condo or co-op ever sold in San Francisco, topping the St. Regis' $28 million penthouse that changed hands back in 2011. The St. Regis unit, however, was 20,000 square feet, while 2006 Washington's penthouse is just 5,400, putting the per-square price at an almost unbelievable $5,555.

2006 Washington sits in a prominent position right across the street from Lafayette Park, overlooking the bay on one side and Danielle Steel's Spreckels Mansion on the other, which gives the occupant a rare view over that hedge. The building was designed in 1924 by Conrad Meussdorffer, who was the architect behind many of the Pacific Heights buildings of the early 20th century. The residents share a perfectly landscaped back garden that has views just as spectacular as those from each residence. Unit 10 is not actually on the top floor of the building, but the 11th floor unit is much smaller, so 10 has traditionally been known as the penthouse.

Of course, while it is now the San Francisco record holder, a brand-new penthouse at Lumina is currently on the market asking $49 million, meaning that the 2600 Washington penthouse may not be the record holder for long.

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