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Condo at Ex-Firehouse (with Fire Pole!) Relists for $2.995M

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The rear unit at former Engine 40, a Parnassus Heights firehouse, first started looking for a buyer last October. The four-bedroom "firehome" includes both modern touches (there's even charging for an electric car!) and historical remnants like the hooks once used to hang firehoses out to dry. Despite all of that, the place hasn't been able to find a buyer. After a few months off the market, a slight restaging, and a very tiny $5,000 price cut, the firehouse is now back on the market with a $2.995 million ask.

When the townhome-style property first came on the market, we completely overlooked the presence of its fire pole, after noting that its neighboring condo featured one prominently. (Guess we assumed there'd just be one? How very wrong of us—relying on just one fire pole seems about as smart as having only one fire exit.) Looking back at the old photoset, we see it now lurking in the living room, stark yet subtle, like the hyperefficient mode of transport it is. Now, newer shots of the firehouse play up the fire pole, which stands alongside a patina spiral staircase and a fireplace. There's also a bit of it popping up into one of the bedrooms.

So why hasn't this home found a buyer yet? Well, it's definitely an odd layout, with the kitchen and dining room situated up on platforms above the main room. Its original listing also didn't seem to focus on some of its most unique features, like the fire hooks and the pole.

And, of course, it was competing with yet another renovated firehouse, the Excelsior building with the Princess Diaries pedigree. But since that place sold late last week, maybe the Engine 40 unit figured it was time to make a comeback.

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