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Developer Proposes New 13-Story Residential Tower in SoMa

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As many as 250 housing units could be headed to a new 13-story tower in SoMa. A newly submitted Preliminary Project Assessment shows plans to demolish two squat, two-story concrete structures at the corner of Folsom and Hawthorne streets, replacing them with a residential building with more than 11,000 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor. The proposal is sponsored by Equity Residential, the big national developer that owns San Francisco rental buildings like 77 Bluxome and SoMa Square. Equity is also building a 453-unit rental complex in Potrero Hill and Mission Bay's 273-unit Azure building, so the company is no stranger to big San Francisco projects.

Handel Architects is on board to design, and very early renderings show a fairly plain building with balconies attached to the corner units. The roof will also offer up open space. The site itself is oddly shaped, with a long L that will form the footprint of the building. Everything is, of course, still in the very early phases—no word yet on whether the units would be condos or rentals, and whether the below-market-rate requirement would be met on-site. But with Equity's big efforts to build lots of new housing in the city, we imagine they'll be pushing for this proposal to move forward.

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