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Blinged Out Eureka Valley Home with Retractable Skylight Wants $5.2M

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A little one-bedroom cottage used to sit at 614 Noe Street, tucked away from the street behind a small front yard. The home sold as a fixer-upper way back in 2006 for $845,000, but over the years no construction was done and the yard became overgrown. It sold again in 2012 for $1.1 million, and this time its buyers set about tearing down the cottage and building something completely new in its place. The resulting home is a big, modern, very designer four-bedroom that just hit the market asking a huge $5.2 million price.

The new house is filled with fancy features, from the fireplace pillar towering over the main room to a floating steel-and-reclaimed-lumber staircase that travels between all three floors and then through a retractable skylight to a roof deck. (Yes: Retractable. Skylight.) The roof deck itself seems to float among the colorful hills of the surrounding neighborhood. Big glass doors in the main room show stunning views of Twin Peaks, and two back balconies look onto the perfectly landscaped backyard. And, because overkill, there's also a fire pit in the backyard.

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