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The Smallest Condo for Sale in SF Is Just 291 Square Feet

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For the unusual-for-SF price of just $299K, a micro-studio on Seventh Street and Howard in SoMa has just hit the market. The condo comes with a full-size Murphy bed and a kitchen that appears to be all of five feet wide. At 291 square feet, the unit is about two-thirds the size of nearby 776 Tehama, the most petite property on our recent roundup of the 10 smallest homes for sale in San Francisco. In exchange for contending with a mini-stove (whose sad electric burners belie the building's early-90s provenance), the lucky buyer gets some highly decent-looking wood floors and one bay window, which is kind of the least they could do.
When the bed's hidden away, it does leave a lovely, if sparse, sitting room in its absence. Too bad micro-kingpin Patrick Kennedy's TableBed hadn't been invented in the 90s, because this place sorely lacks a table (and we're not sure the closet's large enough to store one, even the fold-up kind). When the bed's down, the clearance between it and the couch looks pretty slim—and is perhaps even more so in person, given that the staged photos were likely taken with a wide-angle lens (unless someone wants to tell us that the front door really is that wide).

HOA dues are $289/month, and the brokerbabble says there's storage in the basement, so maybe there's hope for a dinner party yet.

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