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Quirky Arts & Crafts Fixer Next to Bernal Hill Asks Just $850K

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Less than a block from Bernal Hill sits a two-bedroom, shingle-covered Arts & Crafts home built back in 1912. The house isn't huge, with only 1,250 square feet, but it is filled with surprises in its current condition. The very vintage kitchen is tiled in bright red, yellow, and orange. More confusingly, the floor of one bedroom is covered in a rainbow of colored squares. The home at 99 Ellsworth looks out on the unique mix of vegetation that makes this part of Bernal Heights feel like some sort of magical urban desert. The home just hit the market asking $850,000, which is, of course, a bargain these days in Bernal.

There are some good things about the home's wooden, slightly scruffy Arts & Crafts interiors, but we imagine that they are about to undergo some big changes. Bernal is a favored spot for flippers, and given this home's relatively low price and fixer-upper status, we imagine that it won't be overlooked by those who see it its potential as a flip. Even if it is purchased by owner-occupiers, that rainbow bedroom is probably not going to stick around long.

There's also a pretty good chance that the property will sell for well over its list price, given that it is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods, where the median price per square foot is currently $1,177. This place is after only $680 per square, which, even in its current state feels fairly low. Any guesses for how much over asking the home will ultimately bring?

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