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Flippers Rebuild Totally Livable Noe Home, Quadruple the Price

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Back in 2012, a lovely home in the heart of Noe Valley sold for $1.26 million. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home had been built in 1950 and was well kept, with a simple yet modern kitchen, a big front window, and city views from its tidy backyard. The house was nothing fancy, but it was very livable and reasonably priced for the neighborhood. However, the home was purchased by flippers who set about dismantling it completely and building a boxy, modern five-bedroom fortress in its place. The new house is asking $4.995 million, which is nearly four times the property's previous price.
The home begins with two intimidating, oversize doors and doesn't get any more welcoming inside. There are long, cavernous open spaces, a kitchen that feels almost raw in its attempt to look sleek, and minimalist bathrooms. The new house does have huge windows and floor-to-ceiling glass doors to take advantage of those city views out the back, and there is a beautiful back deck off the master bedroom. Sadly, though, even the fireplace out back leaves us cold from its spot at the head of two cool stone slabs.

· 752 Duncan Street [Redfin]