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Lumina's Second-Best Penthouse Seeks a Mere $29 Million

All the billionaires turned off by the excesses of Lumina's mind-boggling $49 million duplex penthouse will want to look carefully at the penthouse planned for the shorter Tower D. Whereas the $49 million model, on the 41st and 42nd floors of Tower B, comprises five bedrooms and 14,000 square feet—equal to eight lesser Lumina units combined—Tower D's much more demure 37th-floor penthouse offers four bedrooms and just over 8,000 square feet, making it the equivalent of only four regular units and thus the picture of tasteful restraint. And whereas Tower B's crown jewel will feature an expanse of double-height glass spanning 150 linear feet, Tower D's $29 million condo wisely limits itself to 110 linear feet, because minimalism, right? Plus, listing agent Gregg Lynn of Sotheby's assures us that 110 linear feet will be satisfactory. "Most homes in Pacific Heights and Russian Hill that are considered view homes have 25 feet," he says. See?

As you recall, Tower D topped out in December. The glass facade has slid just about halfway up the tower, so at present the condo is still very much en plein air. But Lynn has already taken "a number of"—he declined to specify—prospective buyers up for a hard-hat tour. The $29 million price tag will buy a fully finished unit built out according to the floor plan designed by Arquitectonica founding principal Bernardo Fort-Brescia. That floor plan concentrates the bedrooms on the northern side of the tower, with downtown views, and the more public rooms on the southern side with bay views, a split that indicates some sort of egalitarian gesture, we're sure.

Minimalist billionaires who are eager to start their simplified lives ASAP can sign onto Fort-Brescia's layout and move in with the rest of Lumina's rank-and-file millionaires at the end of summer 2016. Anyone requiring a different buildout has the option to purchase just the shell for a negotiated price and proceed with an alternate (and much more ascetic, probably) plan.

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