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If They Must Choose, Telegraph Hill Neighbors Prefer Middle-Class to Low-Income Housing

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Telegraph Hill residents are notorious for being among the most vocal in the city about any new developments in or around their neighborhood. They are now making themselves heard with thoughts on a new low-income-housing development set to be built on Seawall Lot 322, a city-owned parking lot wedged between Broadway, Front, and Vallejo streets. Current plans for the lot call for it to be turned into 115 units reserved for residents who make no more than 65 percent of area median income, which works out to be $44,150 annually for one person or $50,500 for two. As the San Francisco Business Times reports, Telegraph Hill neighborhood groups would like more of the units to go to middle-income residents who make up to $81,550 per year individually or $93,250 per year between two people.

The controversy over the lot has been brewing since last year, when neighborhood organizations including the Telegraph Hill Dwellers and the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association first signed a letter presenting concerns over the project. Not surprisingly, some neighbors have also taken issue with with proposed height of the low-income development. Heights are set to top out at a maximum of 65 feet, but neighbors say that surrounding buildings are generally closer to 55 feet. They also want to ensure that active ground-floor retail will be included. The Business Times notes that Planning will take the neighborhood groups' recommendations into consideration and will hold public hearings before putting out a request for proposals to developers.

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