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Traditional Presidio Heights Manor Hacks Price to $13.5M

It just got a wee bit cheaper to live large in Presidio Heights. 3501 Jackson—a grand 1922 home just a block off the park—has slashed $1 million from its ask, making it easier for a one-percenter (and a small staff of butlers and footmen) to take up residence in its stately rooms. The home hasn't been officially listed on the MLS till now, but when it last made our roundup of the 25 most expensive homes for sale in San Francisco, it was looking for a full $14.5 million. The five-bed, five-and-a-half-bath, 8,000-square-foot home last changed hands in 2007 for $11 million, then got a major overhaul in 2008. That brought the bedroom count from four up to five (or even six, per the listing—achievable perhaps by annexing a sitting room or the elevator, if it's large enough).

Room entrances are decked out in stone moldings, and there's millwork aplenty, particularly in the requisite wood-paneled library-slash-live-in Brooks Brothers catalog trope. The home's layout doesn't exactly lend itself to the modern vogue for flexibility, though. The entrance is on the ground floor, which immediately funnels visitors to a stair up to the main living level above. The rooms look fairly petite and defined by single uses, though the dining room opens onto a lovely terrace, and we do kind of have a thing for a small, glass-hatted sitting room, which looks to be situated beneath a prismatic skylight.

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