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Call for Submissions: Show Curbed Your Tiny Homes!

In an affordability crisis like ours, one coping strategy that keeps coming up is Bay Area residents' sometimes valiant, sometimes just depressing attempts to squeeze into tinier and tinier spaces. Homeowners with some resources and a very good contractor can do things like turn their garages into skylit, garden-facing master suites; still more of us may find ourselves doomed to a life of celibacy in obligatory bunk beds or sad utility closets. Let it be known, then, that Curbed's first-ever Micro Week is fast approaching. Before it gets here, we're asking you guys for some help. Do you live in a cool or unique tiny living situation? We want to know about it. Heck, if we can fit inside, we might even want to take some pics. Do you have microhousing horror stories? How about microhousing happy stories? We're listening. Point is, if you've got a tiny tale to tell, we want to know about it and potentially feature it during Micro Week. Our tipline's officially open, so send your tiny tips our way.