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Glossy Sea Cliff House with Museum Pretensions Lists for $2.2M

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Tucked onto a small lot on 32nd Avenue in Sea Cliff is a two-bedroom home with an unassuming green facade. But on the inside the house has a museum-like vibe, with austere spaces and design details. The first indication of the home's aesthetic comes at its severe steel front door, which seems a bit out of place on the otherwise gentle green facade. The focal point of the main room is a huge stone fireplace that takes up an entire wall. Other walls and built-ins function as display spaces for artwork.

The house doesn't get any warmer upstairs. The top of the staircase, where two chairs sit near a wooden divider, could almost be a museum information desk. The master bedroom includes a wall covered in large orange tiles, a fireplace, and doors that open out onto a balcony. The connected master bathroom includes a massive shower with turquoise tiles and a very fancy sink made from a curved piece of porcelain.

Although the home technically has only two bedrooms, a small den works well as a children's bedroom. The house, which also offers a garage for two cars and a small backyard, is on the market asking $2.2 million, which is only $450K more than its last sale price in 2000 and seems like a fairly reasonable price to pay for a little museum.

· 261 32nd Avenue [Redfin]