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Flipped Richmond Craftsman Doubles in Price, Loveliness

It's no secret that we're often skeptical of flips, many of which involve tearing out Edwardians' souls or trashing lovely architectural detailing. However, every now and then, flippers create something lovely, and that is the case with this flipped Craftsman on 35th Avenue in the Outer Richmond. In December 2013, the home, which needed work, sold for $1.05 million. The flippers set about removing the jewel-colored rugs and dated kitchen, replacing them with hardwood floors and a chef's kitchen. The design touches, especially the marble fireplace in the living room, are understated and elegant, and skylights appear to have been added to the top floor to let more light come in.

The Craftsman now has four bedrooms (down from five previously), three and a half bathrooms, and 3,575 square feet of living space. Its asking price has more than doubled to $2.245 million, but that's still only $628 per square foot. The backyard, previously a concrete slab, has been given new wooden benches and a succulent garden. Like the rest of the house, it's unflashy and feels like a place to be lived in.

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