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Sad 170-Square-Foot Studio with No Kitchen Asks $1200/Month

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For would-be renters who require neither daylight nor the demands of regular food intake, here we have a "junior in-law" apartment seeking $1,200/month in Central Richmond. At 170 square feet, it's smaller than a micro-unit but, hey, roomier than a jail cell. Amenities include a closet, small fridge, and a bookshelf, but no kitchen. We're guessing that the unit is part of a house—maybe a basement cubby or converted storage area?—though very little thought has gone into things like space planning and, um, logic. You'll have to close accordion doors every time you want to go to the bathroom (and then bang your knees against them when you sit down). The landlords at least had the decency not to provide a mirror, saving their future tenant from the indignity of having to meet his own gaze.

· Junior in-law studio [Craigslist]