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KitTea Starts Construction in Hayes Valley, Stalks April Opening

Mark your cat calendars, everyone: KitTea, San Francisco's first cat café, is on track to open in mid- to late April, our sister site Eater reports. The opening follows the October debut of Oakland's Cat Town, which claims the title of the nation's first cat café. Like Cat Town before it, KitTea will host felines in need of adoption, through a partnership with the nonprofit rescue outfit Give Me Shelter. As you may recall, preliminary designs for the space specify that the tea room and cat lounge area be kept separate—for health-code reasons—by a curiously named wall-mounted cat rack.

KitTea founders Courtney Hatt and Lisa Tsubouchi recently invested in some thematically appropriate furnishings, from a light fixture that looks like a ball of yarn to a swing chair with a curvy back that any cat fancier can plainly see recalls a row of fluffy cat tails.

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