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Maps and Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day Shopping; A Warriors Dancer's Perfect Saturday; Discounted Manservants; More!

Welcome to On the Racked, where Racked SF editor Robyn Hagan Cain shares the top fashion, beauty and fitness news of the week.

EVERYWHERE—Valentine's Day is next week, and we've got gift ideas and more gift ideas and a probably NSFW gift idea.

SAN FRANCISCO—While we're talking about V-Day… Wondering where to shop for lingerie? Or where to find non-skeevy sex shops? We've got your back.

FILLMORE—Does anyone shop on Fillmore or do people just wear cute oufits and browse?

UNION SQUARE—Four women who may or may not be the Rainbow Girls proved their shoe game is on fleek shoe during a DSW heist.

YOUR PLACE—You could wash your hair with this coconut oil shampoo or you could try an off-label use.

FORT MASON—There's a BCBG warehouse sale this weekend, but the last sale was kinda meh.

MARINA—This is how a Golden State Warriors dance team captain spends a perfect Saturday off the court.

FILLMORE—Heidi Says consolidated its Collections and Casual stores into one uber-boutique, and we got the first peek.

THE INTERNET—Local startup Manservants is offering a discount on hottie helpers for a limited time only. Here's your chance to be indulgent and thrifty simultaneously.