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Fancy Pac Heights Flip Loses Rental Units, Adds $4.95M

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When the pretty white Beaux Arts confection at 2367 Washington Street last sold in 2012, it was as a three-unit rental building. Flippers purchased the property for $2.8 million and set about turning it into an absolutely stunning five-bedroom single-family home. Although the rental units have sadly been lost, much of the home's beauty remains. The Beaux Arts facade is accented by dentil moldings and overhanging decorative roof corbels, while the interiors were designed by Nicole Hollis, a firm that has worked with clients like Joie de Vivre Hotel, Kimpton Hotels, and Calafia Cafe in Palo Alto. The made-over property, renovated by Chris McMahon of McMahon Architects + Studio, is now back on the market asking $7.75 million, a jump of $4.95 million over its 2012 sale price.

For the renovation,McMahon took the home down to the studs and totally rebuilt it. Although the remodel was exhaustive, it feels more thoughtful than many other fancy flips, and the resulting house seems more livable. A wide staircase winds between floors, and there are still big, elegant windows and moldings everywhere. The bottom level, which used to be an unofficial garden apartment, is now a rec room, and the backyard has been turned into a flower-and-greenery-filled space that is manicured without being overdone.

UPDATE (2/27/15): This story has been updated to include the name of the architect who led the renovation, Chris McMahon of McMahon Architects + Studio.

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