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What the Athleta Team Wears to Work; Inside Local-Loving Acacia; Oscar Madness; More!

Welcome to On the Racked, where Racked SF editor Robyn Hagan Cain shares the top fashion, beauty and fitness news of the week.

PETALUMA—Racked took a road trip to Athleta, where the staffers look like fitness models and the office dogs have their own Instagram accounts.

MISSION—Take a virtual spin around Acacia the Valencia store filled with locally made skincare products and killer home decor.

HOLLYWOOD—Though the Oscars aren't in our backyard, the Bay Area made its mark on the glitzy awards ceremony. Check out our best-dressed exports.

MISSION—This local beauty company's eyelid primer will save you from eyeshadow creases. And speaking of eyeshadow, this palette is all about love for SF.
SAN FRANCISCO—Two San Francisco execs are near the top of the #girlboss beauty rankings.

COW HOLLOW—No one died at last week's Racked Fit Club with Lorna Jane and Equinox. Also, we're converting to founder Lorna Jane Clarkson's active living philosophy because she's 50 and she looks like she's 30.

EVERYWHERE—This new, local bag line is like a California sunset on a string.

EAST COAST—Traveling east into a region that actually has winter? Take some style cues from these Bay Area bloggers.