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Comment of the Day

"It's always fun to see how someone has down sized and are enjoying the financial freedom by getting rid of stuff that was holding them down. After a very heartbreaking divorce (40 years) I found myself looking out the window smoking too much and moving happy hour up everyday. I bought a used van and stripped it.
"Built a bed with under storage and a table lamp next to the bed. A cabinet that held a microwave, food and utensils. A toaster oven on top with a coffee maker. A hanging closet also a part of the cabinet held dress clothes . Made toss pillows for the bed but stuffed them with things like towels and a heavy sweater. I used a cooler for cold things. Everything was done in bright colors. Next, I put the dog in and we took off across the country. From Phoenix to Quebec ! Had a blast. Met lots of friendly folks and healed my heart. The best six months of my life. Things are just "Things". Freedom is everything !" —Agnes [Meet the Tech Couple Who Traded Their Condo for an Airstream]