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Six Tiny Houses You Can Buy Right Now in the Bay Area

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Size: 160 square feet
Price: $32,000, or $28,000 cash

The skinny: This adorable tiny house is currently located in Oakland but can go anywhere. Its best features are a tiny white fireplace complete with detailing and built-in benches. There are also two sleeping lofts and a mini-kitchen that looks nicer than the ones in many San Francisco rental apartments. The outside, which is made of raw, unfinished-looking wood planks, has less design sense than the rest of the home.

Size: 200 square feet
Price: $57,500
The skinny: The most expensive tiny home on our list is currently in Oakland's Temescal neighborhood, and it is gorgeous. Two loft spaces are included up on a second floor, as are a bathroom, a study, and a kitchen. There are tons of antique windows that were originally from a house built in 1880, along with custom-built red oak shelving and a front porch with an ivory-covered entryway. The tiny house was just finished and the builder has even created a 28-minute video about it.

Size: 14 feet in diameter
Price: $3,000
The skinny: If a rustic and affordable yurt is what you require, there is one for sale over in Oakland, and the seller is willing to deliver and set it up. You can also get a wooden platform to use as a base for an additional $1,000. The yurt is quite pretty, especially in the landscaped garden where it is pictured, but we're not sure how well it will hold up to the wind and extremely occasional rain.

Size: 100 square feet
Price: $6,000
The skinny: This little red house in Sebastopol, known as the Tomato, is about as simple as they come. The current owners use it as a spare bedroom, and it doesn't have a kitchen or even plumbing. There is electric, however, and, according to its listing, it heats up well with an electric heater. We like the idea of waking up in a bunk beneath the thatched roof, although we're less sure about the creature that appears to be flying above the bed in one of the photos.

Size: 164 square feet
Price: $29,000
The skinny: Is it possible to have high ceilings in a tiny house? This colorful little dwelling in Sebastopol appears to do it, with a peaked roof and redwood-beamed ceilings. The house is currently just a shell with finished walls, a front porch, siding and roofing, but it is totally nontoxic. The new owner will have to finish up the kitchen, bathroom, electric, and plumbing. The home does come with some artistic elements, including flowers and poems inscribed in the front hallway and in the sleeping area.

Size: 250 square feet
Price: $10,000
The skinny: The largest tiny home on our list is this supercute green house on a trailer. The home was built for maximum energy efficiency and has solar power and foam insulation. It comes with oak ceilings, redwood siding, a marble countertop, and one petite French door. It does not, however, come with a bathroom. The owners are eager to sell and the home, which is currently in Sebastopol; it just underwent a price reduction.

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