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Pac Heights Mansion with Crazy Secret Bathroom Wants $10M

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The slim five-level house at 2411 Broadway is too far down its prestigious street to be counted among the mansions of Billionaires' Row, but it's looking for a big eight-figure price just the same. The home, which was built in 1936, just hit the market asking $10 million for its four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. Its main interior feature is a white wooden staircase the curls dramatically between floors, leading from the grand entryway up. One one landing, there is a beautiful shelving built under a small dome that serves as a mini-library. One bookshelf opens up as a secret doorway into a wildly decorated bathroom.

Some of the home's rooms are currently drowning a bit in chintz and heavy drapery, but huge windows with views of the bay and a leafy back garden are apparent behind all the decor. There's another library upstairs with perfectly framed vistas, and a sitting room opens onto a sizable balcony. The backyard is as flowery as some of the furnishings, but it's a charming departure from the overly landscaped yards of many of San Francisco's expensive homes. There's also a home theater filled with big armchairs that look way more comfortable than any public movie theater we've ever seen.

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