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Flippers Turn Modest Eureka Valley Duplex into $5M Swankfest

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Although 891 Noe Street was a single-family home when it was first built back in 1911, it was converted to a duplex in 1941. Now, after a total transformation, the house has returned to its single-family status, if not exactly its roots. The home just changed hands for $5.1 million, a threefold increase and an eye-popping $3.515 million more than it last sold for back in 2013, when it was still a duplex. The newly fancy home has retained its boxy shape, but virtually everything else is new. There wasn't much character to salvage to begin with, it seems: The only bits of design—the mosaic tile entryway and big white fireplace—are both gone, replaced by the modern, designer vibe that's just about everywhere now.
When flippers purchased the duplex back in 2013, they paid $436K over the $1.149 asking price, then set to work turning the place into a $5 million home. 891 Noe Street is now filled with typical flipper touches, from white oak floors to a soaking tub to a gourmet grilling spot in the landscaped backyard. The sellers also added quite a bit of legal dwelling space, taking the house from 2,200 square feet to 4,160 through the transformation of the basement into additional living area.


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