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Understated Home Along Presidio Wall Politely Asks $4.1M

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The four-bedroom home that sits at 3880 Jackson Street backs right up to the Presidio Wall, and many of its rooms offer leafy outlooks right onto the park. The house, which was built in 1923, hasn't been on the market for decades but is now listed for $4.1 million. Although its kitchen looks more like something out of a rental apartment (the brokerbabble mentions its "vintage accouterments"), the bones of the home are lovely and it is very well kept. There are leaded windows, lots of light, and a dramatic triple-arched entryway.

The home is decidedly not open plan, with a formal living room, a formal dining room, and a library with big built-in shelving all included. The most dramatic room in the house is a black-and-white powder room with intense printed wallpaper. That dash of drama comes as a surprise, since everything else is simple and understated, from the home's low-key facade right down to the staging. The chandelier hanging in the dining room also provides a small touch of flash, but interested buyers beware: The listing specifically notes that the chandelier doesn't come included in the sale.

· 3880 Jackson Street [Official Site]