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From Nashville to Singapore, Mapping Taylor Swift's Life Story

Today is Taylor Swift Day across the Curbediverse as we celebrate the reigning queen of pop and her adventures in real estate and beyond. Why? Because 13 is her lucky number, and we heart her like a Valentine. Long live.

Taylor Swift unequivocally owns pop culture right now. And for people as important to the American zeitgeist as she is (like Nic Cage, for example), it's important to know from whence they came. What homes has T-Swizzle bought and sold, where she cried and took Instagrams of her cats and wrote break-up anthems and baked chocolate chip cookies? What other locales have been privy to significant moments, like her first Grammy, and when Kanye interrupted her VMAs acceptance speech? In what castles (yes, plural) has she shot music videos? Swifties, the wait is over. This handy map lays out 38 of the most essential places in her life, in roughly chronological order. Indulge.

Curbed National has the map >>