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More Units Proposed for the Mission, SF's Housing Hotspot

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The Mission has become ground zero for San Francisco's gentrification debate, with new housing proposals popping up left and right and neighborhood opposition forming to oppose projects like the planned 345-unit building at 16th and Mission. Now, yet another sizable project could be coming to the neighborhood: Axis Development Group has submitted early plans to demolish a Folsom Street warehouse adjacent to Parque Ninos Unidos Park and replace it with a 115-unit residential building. The building would be called Mission Creek, and David Baker Architects is on board to design.

The proposed Folsom Street building would rise four stories above ground-floor retail and would include a minimum of 48 two-bedroom units and 58 parking spaces. According to the San Francisco Business Times, the Mission currently has the second-highest number of housing projects in the pipeline of any neighborhood in the city, with 1,200 units proposed or under construction. Most of the units are going into smaller buildings, so Mission Creek could face both neighborhood opposition and issues with Planning because of its high density.

Planning also notes potential issues with shadows falling across Parque Ninos Unidos and destruction of PDR (production, distribution, and repair) space with the warehouse demolition. Its response to the Preliminary Project Assessment application from Axis also encourages early and substantial neighborhood outreach and provides a list of neighborhood groups with contact information. Expect to hear more about this project as it moves into the heated debate over new housing in the Mission.

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