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Live in an Iconic, Rotating Round House for $3,000/Month

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The Los Angeles Times called him the "the Frank Lloyd Wright of Novato," and now you can live in what's arguably Sam Harkleroad's most famous dwelling. Harkleroad designed and built around 25 houses in Marin County in the 1950s and 60s, and his iconic Harkleroad Road House in Novato is available to rent for $3,000/month. The home clocks in at 1500 square feet and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. While the home is fun to gawk at from afar (you've surely seen it perched on its hill while driving up or down Highway 101), the real showstopper is the ability to rotate 320 degrees. Sure, the interiors leave much to be desired, but who cares — you'd be living in a rotating roundhouse.

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