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Dilapidated Nightmare on Bernal Heights Sells for $725K

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The latest very expensive fixer-upper to sell in San Francisco is a seemingly unlivable Edwardian filled with piles of rubble on the south side of Bernal Heights. Its final price of $725,000 may not be as high as some of the fixers in neighborhoods like Noe Valley or the Mission, but given the state of the home it's certainly enough to make heads turn. Windows are boarded up, the old tile in the bathroom is nearly destroyed, and there are holes in the wooden garage door.

The place was on the market for just a week before going into contract. It currently has two bedrooms, one falling-apart bathroom, a bonus room, and a garage that "possibly" could house a vehicle, according to the listing. Of course, it's likely that none of that will matter, because there's no way the new owners are moving in as-is. There's no real indication that flippers bought this place, but it will almost certainly go through a major round of renovations to make it into a modern home. And although this house is on what was once described on Million Dollar Listing as the wrong side of Bernal, it's still only about a 10-minute walk to the heart of Cortland Avenue.

· 412 Nevada Street [Redfin]