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Modest Facade Fronts a Fab Interior and a Great Garden

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The home at 39 Avila St. in the Marina is modest on the outside, but inside is another story. The light-filled interior has many head-turning features, including a wine closet off a kitchen filled with rich wood cabinetry, a large living room with a barrel ceiling and a bank of curved windows, and a lovely tiled garden. The asking price for the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home is $3.595 million.

It all looks new, and the listing says it's a recent remodel. The location is near the heart of the Marina, and it's close to the shops and restaurants on Chestnut Street. Everyone knows parking in this area is tough, but a two car tandem parking garage will make that more palatable.

Marina homes aren't known for large yards, but this would be the exception. True, it's nearly all tiled, but planting beds and small trees give the outdoor space a lush, green feel. The connection from the home to the outdoors is good: You can access the garden from the upper level via a curved staircase and directly through large glass doors on the lower level. Need more room in the great outdoors? It's only five blocks to the marina itself.

· 39 Avila St. [Redfin]