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Elegant Italianate Victorian Next to Cottage Row Asks $2.699M

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The tall, elegant Italianate Victorian at 1942 Sutter Street has been owned by the same family since 1976, when it sold for just $80,000. Its interior age is apparent in some of the details—there's a brown dishwasher and stove combo that look like they were installed during the Jimmy Carter presidency—but that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful. The place was originally built in 1875 and it sits on a large, greenery-filled lot. It's now up for sale for $2.699 million.

The Victorian is currently broken up into two units with a garden in-law. It undoubtedly requires some renovation work, but the location right next to the landscaped Cottage Row Mini Park gives the place an extra-special vibe. And while there are a few period details still remaining like crown molding and tiled fireplaces, we wouldn't be surprised to see them pulled out to make way for modern finishes. Given that the price is already well north of $1,200 per square foot, we can only imagine what this place will be asking if flippers are indeed the ones who buy it.

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