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A Refurbished FedEx Truck is Now Renting for $600/Month in SF

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From the backyard tent in Mountain View to the Palo Alto garage looking for $2,865 dollars per month, we've seen some pretty crazy rentals over the past year. The latest to join this un-elite club is a refurbished FedEx truck that is available to rent for $600 a month. The truck does come with wood floors, a sunroof, a fold-out couch, and a mini-kitchen, but as the Chronicle reports, there is no running water. (Translation: No bathroom!)

The truck was "renovated" by John D. Storey, who calls it the BedEx. He is a fan of minimalist living and documented the story of the renovation on his blog "Make It Happen Wagon." He was originally planning to live in the truck himself but instead took a job in Utah, where actual homes are a bit more attainable. Instead, he decided to rent it out to recoup the $10,000 that he had put into the truck, and to eventually make a profit. Storey is now renovating a second truck.

The truck was rented out to a student at San Francisco University who parked it near the school's soccer fields most days over the fall semester. She has now moved out and it is available again.

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