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City Goes to Court to Halt San Francisco Landlord's Actions

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It's hard to believe that the city's fight with landlord Anna Kihagi could get uglier, but it has. Six months ago, as some of her tenants and activists protested against her (see sign above), City Attorney Dennis Herrera sued Kihagi for what he called "strong-arm and unlawful tactics" used to oust people from their rent-controlled apartments. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Herrera is now asking the court to halt what he says are unabated actions, calling them an "unique brand of tyrannical abuse."
Herrera told the newspaper that Kihagi's tactics amount to predatory conduct, and they are among the worst he's seen. The landlord, who owns 10 buildings containing more than 50 apartments, did not respond to questions. But in a court filing of her own, she alleges that she's been targeted "due to personal animus toward her" that she claims is partly racially motivated.

The Chronicle says that Herrera's latest motion contains statements from 15 tenants who claim that Kahagi tries to get them to leave with a buy-out. If that fails, she reportedly threatens them with move-in evictions while harassing them with stringent building rules, taking away amenities, and even accusing them of illegal activity (SFist reported that she accused a 70-year-old woman of buying drugs, while cutting off her cable and stopping her mail delivery).

The City Attorney's injunction seeks to stop what he calls Kihagi's "unlawful harassment" immediately.

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