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Inside The Renovation of One of SF's Famous Painted Ladies

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When the stunning Queen Anne-style Victorian on the corner of Steiner and Grove streets went up for sale, we followed it closely. The house sold in June of 2014 for $3.1 million, which was well under its initial ask. It was clear that it would need some renovations. Now, the website Houzz has gotten an inside look at how the family that moved in updated the home while keeping its famous spirit. The video that they've created about the home's upgrades provides a new look at this storied old house.

The home was built in 1892 by Matthew Cavanaugh. Since then, it has had fifteen owners, meaning that it's hard to tell what is actually original and what isn't. The family that now owns it has opened up the space to connect the living room to the kitchen while keeping the bones and many of the details. The best original piece is a gas lamp in the entryway that the owners still light up with flame. The most challenging things to work with, according to one of the current owners, were the hand carved, three-inch-thick pocket doors.

Although there have been changes, the original spirit of the home clearly lives. As owner Côme Laguë notes, "We feel like we are custodians of history, and we wanted to preserve something that is loved by so many people."

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