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The Details of the Latest Squirrel Attack in Marin County

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Photo via KPIX/NBC Bay Area
Earlier this week, we reported on the rash of squirrel attacks in Marin County. Today, KPIX CBS 5 spoke to the victims of one of the rodents that caused the county Humane Society to issue a warning about the attacks (there have been eight so far). Richard Williams recounted the details in an interview with the news station, telling them that he encountered the squirrel in his garage while doing chores. "He charged me and jumped, and from then on, the battle started," he said.

Williams, who is 87, says that the squirrel got in through an open door. After jumping on him, the animal reportedly bit and clawed him on the head, arm, and legs. His glasses were smashed during the struggle. He told KPIX that, after hearing the fight, his wife joined in and tried to drive the squirrel off with a broom. She was also injured. Eventually, the animal ran out of the garage. The couple were treated at a hospital for their wounds.

KPIX reports that the same squirrel is suspected in the other attacks, one of which was against a Pleasant Valley Elementary school student and teacher. Animal control officers are patrolling the area.

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