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Six Page Street Murals May Be Inadvertently Destroyed

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Plans to install new windows in the property at 1950 Page Street may inadvertently destroy six of San Francisco's tiled mosaic murals. Hoodline reported that the property owner, private arts school Fei Tian Academy, hopes to remove the artworks by December 31 due to concerns for students' safety. If the murals are not removed properly, they will crumble to pieces, according to Lower Haight Sharon Virtue, who installed the murals in 2007 and 2008 through funding from the San Francisco Arts Commission, according to Hoodline.

Fei Tian Academy Supervisor London Breed reached out to Hoodline to say that while she does wish the murals would remain on the property and while it is in the organization's interest to make sure the murals are preserved, the artworks need to be removed before classes resume on January 4. Breed is currently in talks with the City's Arts Commission to make sure the mural is removed not only properly, but safely. Fei Tian Operations Director Perry Uzunoglu told Hoodline that they are also currently seeking volunteers to help with the process. In the meantime, local residents have attempted to rally support to postpone the removal until Virtue can assist with the process when back in town in January 11.
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