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Lyft's Top San Francisco Destinations of 2015 Are Very Techie

Ridesharing company Lyft has released data about its most popular drop-off destinations that shows it is working in tandem with local transit systems. Nationwide, Lyft cars take people most often to transit stops. The company also released more detailed data for San Francisco about the most popular restaurant, bar and workplace in the city. The winners are destinations popular with young tech workers in neighborhoods like the Mission and SoMa.

Lyft named its list of most popular destinations the "Lyfties." Locally, the most popular bar (Zeitgeist) and the most popular restaurant (Tacolicious) were both in the Mission. Tacolicious was also the most popular restaurant in the country for Lyft-takers. AT&T Park was, unsurprisingly, the most visited event space in San Francisco, and Airbnb was the workplace with the most Lyft rides. And the most-searched destination in the city was Haight Ashbury.
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