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Curbed Cup Finals: (15) Bayview vs. (4) NoPa

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And now, the conclusion of the Curbed Cup, our annual award to the San Francisco neighborhood of the year. Because this is the most important decision of all time, the polls will be left open until midnight on Thursday, December 31. Let the final battle begin!

[Bayview photo (left) via Fun Cheap SF; NoPa photo (right) via Pacific Union]

And then there were two. The Curbed Cup competition is almost complete, but first you need to pick a winner. This past week, Curbed readers decided that NoPa was a better choice than Excelsior with a difference of 67 votes, while Bayview was considered a better contender to the Tenderloin by a difference of 116 votes. With these two final opponents, readers will only have until the New Year to decide which deserves bragging rights as the top neighborhood of the year. Vote now!

Below, you will be able to see the original blurb written about Bayview in this article:

As one of our editors wrote a few months ago, "Prices have been rising in the Bayview, but it remains one of the few neighborhoods left in San Francisco where it is very possible to score a single-family home for under $1 million." That said, she was writing about a home that sold for $1.1M. There have been some new multi-unit housing developments in this neighborhood, but perhaps the most talked-about example is still under construction: Candlestick Park came down early in 2015, and there are currently hundreds of homes, a mall, and a hotel being constructed on the site.

Below, you will be able to see the original blurb written about NoPa in this article:

With cool restaurants, coffeeshops, and a newish Bi-Rite grocery, NoPa has long been considered a hotspot. Now it's experiencing heat in another realm: Housing. Right now, there are three residential developments in the works on Divisadero (notably, a 152-unit building planned for the site where Touchless Car Wash stands). That's not to say the restaurant revolution has slowed—Eater SF, our sister site, has reported a host of restaurant openings there in 2015.

The below poll will close at 11:59 p.m. PST on Thursday, December 31.
Poll results

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