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Potrero Housing and Public Stairway Project Seeks Approvals

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Rendering via Min | Day
Rendering via Min | Day

Yet another mega-project in Potrero Hill heads to planning today hoping for approvals. The project at 1395 22nd St. would include 251 apartments with nearly as many parking spaces, 48,000 feet of PDR (Production Design Repair) space, and a stairway to connect Potrero Hill to Dogpatch. The site is just below soon-to-be-redeveloped pubic housing and is currently a California Mini-Storage office, but it used to be occupied by the Ocean Shore Railroad. When train tracks were installed the railway split 22nd Street, and the project's proposed pedestrian stairway would link the sections together.

The project is being led by Leavitt Architecture, while Min | Day is acting as design consultant for a the 22nd Street building and Fletcher Studio has designed what they are calling the Serpentine Stairs. The staircase will include three public plazas and takes its inspiration from the "fissures, coursing, and crystal structures" of serpentine. If the project gains its approvals today, plans are to move ahead with construction quickly to enable a 2017 open date.

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