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Renovations for Macaulay Park May Begin in June 2016

The Sergeant John Macaulay Park may begin renovations sooner than expected. This may be partially due to requests by representatives from the Tenderloin community organization known as La Voz Latina. Hoodline reported that the Recreation and Park Commission said they would consider a sooner start to the renovation process after the representatives attended a committee hearing on December 2. In June 2016, the Planning and Capital Division hopes to begin the design phase after Merced Heights and Washington Square Park begin their renovations in January and Alice Chalmers and the Panhandle playgrounds start in April. Hoodline further reported that in the same month that Macaulay Park may begin the renovation process, the McLaren Group Picnic playground is also expected to begin the process. Macaulay Park is ranked as one of six "Tier 1" playgrounds, making it one of highest focused projects for 2016. This is due to the presence of "Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) Pressure-Treated Wood," which is a wood preservative that can leech arsenic into the environment.

San Francisco Recreation & Parks set aside $15.5 million for the "Tier 1" playgrounds in the "Failing Playgrounds" program. According to the Rec & Parks website, plans for renovating 13 playgrounds began this past fall with help from a task force that was appointed in April of 2014. This task force is comprised of stakeholders from the school district; the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Advisory Committee; and citywide open space organizations.
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